Our space is dedicated to the practice of indoor climbing and offers the following features:

8 self-insurers:

This controlled descent system is the perfect tool to learn the sport and safely experience the first sensations of climbing. The routes are designed for all levels and allow you to train on your own at any time of the day.

Beginner's areas:

Two areas are equipped with fixed ropes for top rope climbing (moulinette). This is the first step to learning how to climb with the rope. Proper training is strongly recommended to get a good start.

Lead climbing areas:

Two thirds of the hall are reserved for lead climbing. Different levels of difficulty are offered (from level 4 to 8) and with varying slopes: slabs, vertical walls, overhang, overhang and ceiling. We recommend that you get proper training to begin lead climbing.

Freeform area:

We created two cracks inspired by Indian Creek where you can discover and practice this particular type of climbing.

Bouldering is practiced on walls that can reach a maximum height of 4.5m. Falls are cushioned by 40cm thick landing mats that are secured to the ground. Bouldering is the most popular activity in climbing because of its accessibility for beginners. It also presents great challenges for climbers of all levels. There is a friendly atmosphere among climbers who motivate and encourage each other to surpass themselves.

A couple of numbers:

150 routes that are regularly renewed

15 meters high

500m2 of block

150 passages for all levels

+41 27 744 24 32